Traditional Tribal Trinkets: Haute Culture to Open Online Shop

Thank you to everyone who completed Haute Culture’s online survey, I’m so greatfull. Your feedback is so important to me as it aids me deliver more of the exciting and interesting content that your actually here to see. If you still want to have your say click here, it only takes a couple of minuets.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that 60% of Haute Culture’s readers would love to see our very own online shop! This got me seriously thinking that selling tribal trinkets collected along my adventures through South East Asia (and beyond) is a bona fide excellent concept. Ideas are still in the generation stage and there is no shortage of inspiration, but the plan is to sell original, unique, handmade cultural and ethnic jewellery from each country and tribe I visit. This is both a practical (in a space saving backpacker kinda way) and profitable way to fund the Haute Culture project over the coming years.

So stay tuned in as my full time escapades begin in less than 2 months time. I hope to have a online shop up and running by the end of August! In the interim here’s some inspirational ethnic adornments to inspire your imagination.

Photo credits: Fulani Man,  Datoga Woman

Photo Credits: Jabal NafusaDrokpa Lady

Photo credits: Nagaland tribes woman, Bonda woman

Photo credits: Tibetan ManMaasai Girls 


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